Paderewski Foundation

Paderewski Foundation is a non-governmental organization founded in 2012. in Warsaw, whose mission is to stimulate social and economic development through the implementation of tasks related to the development of science, culture and economy. We create a better reality through specific activities that cross the boundaries between different disciplines of life, connecting people of different cultures and nationalities. The Foundation is also involved in activities related to humanitarian and development aid in areas affected by conflicts and natural disasters.

We work for the harmonious and peaceful development of the economy, culture and science, based on respect for traditional values ​​and human dignity, mutual respect and a friendly attitude towards both the achievements of human culture and the natural environment.

Our patron, Ignacy Jan Paderewski, used to say that "art is an expression of the immortal part of man". At the same time, he was a man who exerted a huge influence on the shape of his contemporary world through his skillful and constructive activity going beyond the world of culture.
We hope that our activities, in which we are trying to follow the ideas and example of this great artist, will also remain in human memory for a long time and will leave a lasting, positive mark.

We implement interdisciplinary projects worldwide. We invite people and institutions from all over the world to cooperate.

"I owe my success in one percent to my talent, ten percent to luck and 90 percent to hard work. Work, work and even more work are the secret of success."

Ignacy Jan Paderewski

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Bank account:
Paderewski Foundation
Santander Bank Polska S.A.
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Science and economy

We are working with the scientific and business communities towards better future for all.

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Paderewski Foundation is a recognised media producer. We're also experts in the field of book publishing.

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